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NEW Facial rejuvenation skin needling:
The natural alternative to botox. Facial rejuvenation therapy reduces fine lines, pigmentation and blemishes, tightens and tones both skin and facial muscles. It leaves you looking your best without harsh chemical peels or injections. Look younger, fresher and healthier the natural way. Starter packs of 8 treatments now available.


Relaxation session:
Completely pamper yourself with this decadent treatment to give deep relaxation, pain relief and immune boosting.

Remedial and deep tissue:
Provides effective relief from headaches, stress, back pain, injury, fatigue and muscular pain.

Dry needling:
The use of acupuncture needles in myofascial trigger points for relief of muscle and myofascial pain.

Sports massage:
Intensive massage to speed your recovery and for general sports performance, safely and effectively. We have over 10 years experience assisting Melbourne’s sportspeople, specialising in cyclists, marathon runners, triathletes and martial artists.

Hot stone therapy:
Completely pamper yourself with this decadent treatment to feel deep relaxation, pain relief and total bliss. Relax as you are gently massaged with warmed, smooth, volcanic stones and heated oil.

Pre and post natal:
Designed to help safely relieve some of the physical demands of pregnancy on your body.

Chinese cupping massage:
A beautiful blend of cupping and massage to help clear areas of tension, stress and pain, while tonifying and balancing areas of lower energy and stagnation.

Aged care massage:

We specialise in providing massage to your loved ones, whether they are in their own home, assisted living or respite. Our safe and gentle massage can assist greatly with mobility, pain and quality of life.


Lymphatic drainage:
Strengthen your immune system and help your body detox and build defense against colds, flu and recurring illness.

Ear candling:
Gentle clearing of the ears, sinuses to relieve the symptoms of sinusitis, hayfever & equilibrium problems.

Reiki for relaxation:
Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of hands on healing to rebalance, reduce stress and promote wellbeing. Applied by a certified Crystal Heart Reiki Sekhem teacher and practitioner.

Mindfulness and other guided meditation:
Meditation is now widely recognised as an essential skill for living a happier life. Learn how to meditate to reduce stress while improving your health and happiness with private or couples sessions.

Crystal healing:
Allow yourself to let go and surrender to a gently relaxing and balancing session using the healing power and vibrations of selected crystals.

Learn reiki sekhem:
Two day courses in reiki are available with our experienced Crystal Heart Reiki Sekhem teacher and practitioner, who can train you to become a reiki practitoner and provide ongoing professional support and training. Contact us for an information pack.

>>>> Health fund rebates apply, please contact us, for more information.